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Interactive lectures help students understand the content in-depth and get a hands-on approach to problem-solving through short in-class assessments and tutorials.

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High-quality worksheets, trial and past papers, assignments, and online quizzes uploaded after every session via google classroom help keep track of the student's performance.

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Formative assessment and quiz competitions conducted every weekend help analyze students improvement over time. 

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Students learn 3D printing, CAD software (Solidworks, Fusion360) and programming languages (C#, CSS, HTML) during weekends. 


Test Yourself

Test your current knowledge by attempting the online sample quizzes below!

Check out our sample documents here

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What Our Students Say


Anirudh N.

Very amazing tutoring. Fantastic teachers. Has helped me well so far rate it 5/5

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Kartik Verma

Great tutoring. Extremely helpful and very affordable rates. Would recommend to all.

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Neel Oza

Really assuring coaching center. Helpful and really flashy and understandable teaching. Use of equipment and great resource for kids are on point. Totally would suggest you to enroll your kids

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Dhruv S.

I would definitely recommend Cosmos Coaching Centre to any student who is struggling in Maths and Science. Sai and other teachers are very helpful.

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Aditya K.

Extremely Satisfied with the service, extremely flexible and overall a good establishment

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Jhanvi Patel

I love Cosmos Coaching Center! It is an excellent learning environment with Sai and great resources. My grades have improved tremendously since the start of Cosmos coaching From the dedication of tutors to the friendliness of the staff.

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Shree Devan

Cosmos Coaching centre provides a great learning environment for students like myself, with highly talented teachers. The classes are highly engaging and has significantly improved my knowledge and my marks


Alec Gacis

Perfect institute to get the best coaching for hsc tutoring in Parramatta.

High School Tutoring In Parramatta

The shift to high school is followed by a variety of modifications in educational standards and activities. At Cosmos Coaching Center, we have specialised and devoted tutoring in Parramatta to support the child in all aspects of learning in which they have difficulties. Our high school tuition service specialises in HSC Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Technology. 

Our tutors are engineering/medical students studying at UTS at UNSW who have scored 95+ ATAR. They are experienced in delivering exam guidance, tips and tricks needed to score the best marks in the HSC examination. We not only train students to succeed in the HSC but also help them continue to learn the critical skills needed by employers, such as leadership, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. We are proud to present you our Tech classes where students are taught various programming languages and 3D designing software. Our professional Parramatta tutors serve as personal mentors and are sincerely focused on helping our students excel in every phase of life.

Speak to us today about how we can skyrocket your child's academics !


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your tutors?

We offer high school tutoring In Parramatta in multiple subjects. Our tutors are students studying at UNSW who have studied Extension 2 Maths, Physics, Chemistry or Biology and have scored a 90+ ATAR.

What are your fees?

HSC coaching classes In Parramatta provide you HSC tutoring classes at affordable packages. There are several packages you can select from based on the year and subjects your child is studying. They can be found here

What do students learn?

We teach students the entire syllabus as per the latest NSW curriculum and provide them with worksheets, online quizzes, revision booklets and plenty of other study material. Our HSC science tutoring in Parramatta will teach students practical knowledge as well with our activities.

How do you test the performance of students?

Students are assigned several tasks every week. As they hand in their work, it is marked by our teachers. In class tests and quiz, competitions are also conducted every week. We at HSC coaching Parramatta ensure to provide valuable Tutoring classes in maths, physics, and chemistry.

How will I know my child's performance?

Every term, you will receive a report care containing detailed analysis of your child's performance during that term. This report card will contain all the scores of all tests and assignments that the student submitted during the term.