Top Four Tips for Answering Essay Questions in Business Studies

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Tips for Answering Essay Questions

Answering questions of essays in exams are extremely difficult and exhausting. Such a level of stress and anxiety can lead you to answer questions in a hurry without paying much attention causing you to either give a wrong answer or a vague and unclear answer. You need to make sure that, when answering your business studies essay questions, you are attentive and have read the essay without zoning out. Once the essay reading is complete, make sure to re-read it just in case you missed something earlier, this helps you understand the essay even more while also helping you understand what factors apply to the certain essay. Here, Cosmos Coaching mentioned some tips to remember while answering your next business studies paper essay.

Even before your paper starts make sure to pre prioritize the things you need to pay more attention to. Starting with your essay beforehand is a good start and will help you save more time while giving a test. Read the essay fast but carefully to stay on track while not missing the important keywords from it. Make sure to read your entire question paper as soon as you get it or your time starts this will help you understand what questions need more attention to the easy ones before and the hard ones later.

Many professors and teachers use keywords to communicate what they want from you. Make sure to read the paper carefully and understand the keywords efficiently. Many times, the answer is well hidden in the essay itself and by analyzing the keywords you’ll be able to find the answer. This will also give you more time to finish your paper.

Answering Essay Questions in Business Studies

Sometimes business studies papers and essays can be confusing. Make sure to seek help from the examiner or invigilator about unclear or confusing question or part of the essay that you don’t understand. Read once and if not understandable then raise your hand as you cannot afford to waste time re-reading the question hoping to understand it better. Sometimes teachers can use different terminology for the same thing making it confusing for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in such situations.

When a certain question from the essay requires explanations make sure to explain in-depth as the person checking will give points based on how in-depth the explanation you have given is. Try to add particular terms to make your answer sound more complex and well written. Only stretch your answer when the question is of high value or point. Long answers to small points, questions can make your answer look uncertain and all over the place. Lastly, always remember to re-read all your answers and questions as this will help you correct any mistakes along the way while proofreading.

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