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Our Objective

Maths Tutor for Year 12 Maths Standard

The year 12 Standard Mathematics program at Cosmos aims at helping students understand all the concepts in standard Maths in detail and score maximum marks in their assessments and final exam. We achieve this by providing them with the ultimate combination of our interactive lectures, study material, quizzes, worksheets and continuous formative assessments. Students learn the entire year 12 Standard Mathematics syllabus as per the latest NSW curriculum in full depth.  Students need to attend two classes every week along with an optional doubt clearing and extra practice class every Sunday. Each class is 2 hours long with a 10-minute break in between. Students are motivated to keep their assessments up to date on google classroom and parents receive report cards every term containing detailed statistics of their children's test scores. Students can ask our Maths Tutors to help them personally with their school homework before/after class hours. 

Weekly Course Schedule

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Mathematics Syllabus

Rates and ratios


  • Rates and concentrations
  • Heart rate
  • Energy rate Fuel consumption rate
  • Calculations with ratios
  • Dividing a quantity in a given ratio
  • Scale drawings
  • Plans and elevations
  • Perimeter
  • Area and volume

Network Concepts


  • Networks
  • Travelling a network
  • Drawing a network diagram
  • Eulerian and Hamiltonian walks
  • Network problems
  • Minimal spanning trees
  • Connector problems
  • Shortest path

Investments and loans

  • Future value
  • Investment graphs
  • Appreciation and inflation
  • Shares and dividends
  • Declining-balance depreciation
  • Reducing-balance loans
  • Credit cards
  • Credit card statements
  • Fees and charges for credit card usage

Non-right-angled trigonometry


  • Right-angled trigonometry
  • Angles of elevation and depression
  • Compass and true bearings
  • Trigonometry with obtuse angles
  • Area of a triangle
  • The sine rule
  • The cosine rule
  • Miscellaneous problems
  • Radial survey

Simultaneous linear equations


  • Linear functions
  • Linear models
  • Simultaneous equations – graphically
  • Simultaneous equations – algebraically
  • Simultaneous equation models
  • Break-even analysis

Bivariate Data Analysis


  • Constructing a bivariate scatterplot
  • Using a bivariate scatterplot
  • Pearson’s correlation coefficient
  • Line of best fit
  • Interpolation and extrapolation
  • Statistical investigation

Bivariate data analysis

  • Constructing a bivariate scatterplot
  • Using a bivariate scatterplot
  • Pearson’s correlation coefficient
  • Line of best fit
  • Interpolation and extrapolation
  • Statistical investigation


  • Annuity as a recurrence relation
  • Using Excel to model an annuity
  • Using a future value table
  • Using a present value table
  • Use of annuities

Non-linear relationships

  • Exponential functions
  • Exponential models
  • Quadratic functions
  • Quadratic models
  • Reciprocal function
  • Reciprocal models
  • Inverse variation
  • Miscellaneous problems

The normal distribution

  • Normally distributed data
  • The 68–95–99.7 rule
  • z-scores
  • Converting z-scores into actual scores
  • Using z-scores to compare data
  • Further applications of normal distributions

Critical path analysis

  • Introduction to critical path analysis
  • Constructing a network diagram given an activity chart
  • Dummy activities
  • Forward and backward scanning
  • Float times and the critical path
  • Minimum completion time
  • Network flow problems


Parents Say

Our Students'


Anu S.

Smita A.

Kaitlyn A.

Rohit P.

Vishal E.

Akhil L.

Amol Kumar

My child loved the tutoring. He had no interest in science when he started but he now enjoys it. Shariq made the subject really interesting by showing students videos and doing activities in class. 

Alvin White

Great place for study. students can come anytime and study in the study rooms and also ask questions to teachers. Sai and his team is extremely helpful.

Yousef Mohammed

Rate 5 stars. Nice campus and learning environment. Students are taught several practical based things apart from regular academics.

Tanishka Reddy

Flexible teaching style. Teachers understood that my child was able to catch things fast and already knew the content so they promoted him to the next class and taught him the full syllabus. My son enjoyed his experience.

Sameer Reddy

Received lot of study material for practice. Online quizzes and tests were pretty helpful. Certainly recommend.

Kiran Badekar

Very good coaching center. Nice staff and location.

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Non-linear relationships

Simultaneous Linear Equations

Non-right angled trigonometry

Rates and Ratios

Surface Area and Volume











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