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Maths Tutor for Year 9 Maths

The year 9 Mathematics program at Cosmos aims at helping students build Mathematical concepts by providing them with the ultimate combination of our interactive lectures, study material, quizzes, worksheets and continuous formative assessments. Students learn the entire year 9 Maths textbook syllabus as per the latest NSW curriculum in full depth as well as selected chapters from the year 8 syllabus. Students need to attend two classes every week along with an optional doubt clearing and extra practice class every Sunday. Each class is 2 hours long with a 10-minute break in between. Students are motivated to keep their assessments up to date on google classroom and parents receive report cards every term containing detailed statistics of their children's test scores. Students can ask our Maths tutors to help them personally with their school homework before/after class hours. 

Weekly Course Schedule


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Mathematics Syllabus

Computation and Financial Mathematics


  • Computation with integers
  • Decimal places and signifi cant figures
  • Rational numbers
  • Computation with fractions
  • Ratios, rates and best buys
  • Computation with percentages and money
  • Percentage increase and decrease
  • Profits and discounts REVISION
  • Income
  • Simple interest
  • Compound interest and depreciation
  • Using a formula for compound interest and depreciation

Expressions, Equations and Inequalities


  • Algebraic expressions
  • Simplifying algebraic expressions
  • Expanding algebraic expressions
  • Linear equations with pronumerals on one side
  • Linear equations with brackets and pronumerals on both sides
  • Using linear equations to solve problems
  • Linear inequalities 119 2H Using formulas
  • Linear simultaneous equations: substitution
  • Linear simultaneous equations: elimination
  • Using linear simultaneous equations to solve problems
  • Quadratic equations of the form ax2 = c

Right-angled Triangles

  • Pythagoras’ theorem
  • Finding the shorter sides
  • Using Pythagoras’ theorem to solve two-dimensional problems
  • Using Pythagoras’ theorem to solve three-dimensional problems
  • Introducing the trigonometric ratios
  • Finding unknown sides
  • Solving for the denominator
  • Finding unknown angles
  • Using trigonometry to solve problems
  • Bearings

Linear Relationships


  • Introducing linear relationships
  • Graphing straight lines using intercepts
  • Lines with only one intercept
  • Gradient
  • Gradient and direct proportion
  • Gradient–intercept form
  • Finding the equation of a line using y = mx + b
  • Midpoint and length of a line segment from diagrams
  • Perpendicular lines and parallel lines
  • Linear modelling FRINGE
  • Graphical solutions to linear simultaneous equations

Length, area, surface area and volume


  • Length and perimeter
  • Circumference and perimeter of sectors
  • Perimeter and area of composite shapes
  • Surface area of prisms and pyramids
  • Surface area of cylinders
  • Volume of prisms
  • Volume of cylinders

Indices and Surds


  • Index notation
  • Index laws for multiplying and dividing
  • The zero index and power of a power
  • ndex laws extended
  • Negative indices
  • Scientifi c notation
  • Scientifi c notation using signifi cant figures
  • Fractional indices and surds
  • Simple operations with surds

Properties of geometrical figures


  • Angles and triangles
  • Parallel lines
  • Quadrilaterals and other polygons
  • Congruent triangles REVISION
  • Using congruence in proof
  • Enlargement and similar figures
  • Similar triangles
  • Proving and applying similar triangles

Quadratic Expressions and Algebraic Fractions


  • Expanding binomial products
  • Perfect squares and the difference of two squares
  • Factorising algebraic expressions
  • Factorising the difference of two squares
  • Factorising by grouping in pairs
  • Factorising monic quadratic trinomials
  • Factorising non-monic quadratic trinomials
  • Simplifying algebraic fractions: multiplication and division
  • Simplifying algebraic fractions: addition and subtraction
  • Further addition and subtraction of algebraic fractions
  • Equations involving algebraic fractions

Probability and Single Variable Statistics


  • Probability review REVISION
  • Venn diagrams and two-way tables
  • Using set notation FRINGE
  • Using arrays for two-step experiments
  • Using tree diagrams
  • Using relative frequencies to estimate probabilities
  • Measures of centre: mean, median and mode
  • Stem-and-leaf plots
  • Grouping data into classes
  • Measures of spread: range and interquartile range
  • Box plots

Quadratic Expressions and Graphs of Parabolas


  • Quadratic equations
  • Solving ax2 + bx = 0 and x 2 – d 2 = 0 by factorising
  • Solving x2 + bx + c = 0 by factorising
  • Using quadratic equations to solve problems
  • The parabola 624 10F Sketching y = ax2 with dilations and reflections
  • Translations of y = x2
  • Sketching parabolas using intercept form

Our Students'




Alex C.

Gabriel R.

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Satish Kumar 

Great experience. Maths teacher Ganesh was very helpful. he spent several hours with my son personally when he was struggling with linear equations and made him very good in that topic. Definitely recommend especially for Maths.

Dave Stephenson

Enrolled my 2 kids in year 7 class. Was unsure about how they will find it as previous experience with other tutoring centers wasn't very good. However, the atmosphere at Cosmos is pretty chill. They take it gently with the students. My kids really enjoy the classes and the Sunday quiz competitions.

Andrew Anthony

Happy with the tutoring. Lots of study material and homework. Sai is very easy to contact and he uploaded more material many times when I requested it for my daughter. Weekend tests have good difficulty and test students understanding slightly beyond their syllabus.

Akshita Kulkarni

Excellent Maths and Science tutoring for high school. will recommend to all for school preparation.

Sai helped my child catch up with the missed syllabus as he joined late. Really grateful. Didn't charge any extra fee although he helped my son one on one after class. 


Parents Say

Very pleased with the tutoring. My kid's marks improved drastically in just a couple of months. Sai and Shariq were extremely helpful. This was the first time that my son was interested to attend tutoring. 

Anu Sharma

Steven John

Tom H.

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