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Year 11 HSC Maths Standard Tutoring

The year 11 Standard Mathematics program at Cosmos aims at helping students understand all the concepts in standard Maths in detail and score maximum marks in their assessments and final exam. We achieve this by providing them with the ultimate combination of our interactive lectures, study material, quizzes, worksheets and continuous formative assessments. Students learn the entire year 11 standard Mathematics syllabus as per the latest NSW curriculum in full depth.  Students need to attend two classes every week along with an optional doubt clearing and extra practice class every Sunday. Each class is 2 hours long with a 10-minute break in between. Students are motivated to keep their assessments up to date on google classroom and parents receive report cards every term containing detailed statistics of their children's test scores. Students can ask our teachers to help them personally with their school homework before/after class hours. 

HSC Maths Exam Tutor

For Hsc Maths Tutoring, you can get in touch with us. We offer extraordinary maths tutoring to all our students so that maths becomes your favorite subject in no time. We will prepare you for your Hsc Maths Exam in the best possible way. We will walk you through all the important concepts of mathematics so that you face no problem in understanding the chapters. Our Hsc Maths Tutor is extremely efficient in the work that he does. He is also highly experienced and will provide you with the best possible guidance so that you get really good marks in the examination.

Weekly Course Schedule

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Mathematics Syllabus

Earning and Managing Money


  • Salary and wages
  • Annual leave loading and bonuses
  • Overtime and special allowances
  • Commission
  • Piecework, royalties and income from government
  • Allowable tax deductions
  • Taxable income
  • Gross pay, net pay and deductions
  • Calculating tax

Indices and Surds


  • Substitution
  • Distance, speed and time
  • Linear equations
  • Solving equations after substitution
  • Changing the subject of the formula
  • Blood alcohol content
  • Medication

Measurement and Energy

  • Units of measurement
  • Measurement errors
  • Standard form and significant figures
  • Food and nutrition
  • Energy consumption

Relative Frequency and Probability


  • Language of probability
  • Definition of probability
  • Tables and tree diagrams
  • Range of probabilities
  • Complementary events
  • Relative frequency
  • Expected frequency
  • Blood types

Area, Volume and Perimeter


  • Area of circles and sectors
  • Area of composite shapes
  • Trapezoidal rule
  • Surface area of right prisms
  • Surface area of cylinders and spheres
  • Surface area of pyramids and cones
  • Volume of right prisms
  • Volume of cylinders and spheres
  • Volume of pyramids and cones
  • Surface area and volume of composite solids
  • Capacity

Classifying and representing data


  • Data collection
  • Classification of data
  • Dot plots and stem-and-leaf plots
  • Grouped frequency tables
  • Cumulative frequency
  • Frequency and cumulative frequency graphs
  • Pareto charts
  • Motor vehicle statistics
  • Water usage

Linear Relationships

  • Graphing linear functions
  • Gradient and intercept
  • Gradient–intercept formula
  • Linear models
  • Direct variation

Interest and depreciation

  • Simple interest
  • Simple interest graphs
  • Percentage increase or decrease
  • Calculating GST
  • Straight-line depreciation

Exploring and describing data

  • Measures of central tendency
  • Measures of spread
  • Outliers
  • Describing distributions
  • Comparing distributions
  • Parallel box-and-whisker plots

Working with time

  • Units of time
  • Timetables
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Time zones
  • Time difference and local time

Budgeting and household expenses

  • Household bills
  • Purchasing a car
  • Car insurance
  • Stamp duty
  • Running and maintenance costs
  • Personal budget

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Parents Say

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Our Students'




Rajesh K.

Rahul D.

Stephie R.

Grace F.

Tom H.

Amar G.



Amol Kumar

My child loved the tutoring. He had no interest in science when he started but he now enjoys it. Shariq made the subject really interesting by showing students videos and doing activities in class. 

Alvin White

Great place for study. students can come anytime and study in the study rooms and also ask questions to teachers. Sai and his team is extremely helpful.

Yousef Mohammed

Rate 5 stars. Nice campus and learning environment. Students are taught several practical based things apart from regular academics.

Tanishka Reddy

Flexible teaching style. Teachers understood that my child was able to catch things fast and already knew the content so they promoted him to the next class and taught him the full syllabus. My son enjoyed his experience.

Sameer Reddy

Received lot of study material for practice. Online quizzes and tests were pretty helpful. Certainly recommend.

Kiran Badekar

Very good coaching center. Nice staff and location.

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